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supratim sir


Supratim Das, always a School/College Topper and Scholarship holder did B.Sc (Chemistry
Hons) in year 1994 from RK Mission Vidyamandir under Calcutta University and acquired degree
of  B.Tech in Chemical Technology (Specialisation in Ceramic Engineering) in the year 1997
from Calcutta University. He started Teaching in 1997 at Kolkata, but later shifted to Durgapur
and started his journey to professional coaching for Engineering and Medical Entrances in
2003, while establishing Chemquest.
Supratim Das by now is known far and wide as Chemistry Teacher with a difference. He
motivates the students and provides counselling if needed at any time to boost academic
performance. The glorious results achieved every year stand abiding testimony to his
credentials. Students feel comfortable and encouraged to freely interact while discussing
subject problems.

Message For Student’s Success: In my teaching pattern, I will try to strike a balance between
preparation for boards, and for JEE-Mains, JEE-Advanced and NEET exams. Chemistry is a
scoring subject but it only needs regular revision. After a while, you will feel that it is easiest of all
three subjects (PCM or PCB).


Chemquest was established at Durgapur few years back by Supratim Das with a specific objective to
provide best coaching to students of class IX/X/XI/XII for preparation of competitive entrance exams along
with strong foundation of basic concepts. In last 14 years, hundreds of students joining IITs,NITs and Top
Medical Colleges every year and Chemquest has become a brand now in Durgapur West Bengal; widely
acknowledge by Parents and Student Communities. In this institute intensive as well as the extensive level
of chemistry is taught for JEE Mains, JEE-Advanced and NEET level along with CBSE exam syllabus.

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